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I am CHAGUETMI Yousr ELLAH Wassim, in love with IT since childhood, diving deeper in coding each day. Licence degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering, and a Master degree on Natural Language Processing..


Motivated enthusiastic developer, I constantly seek to improve my skills through leaving my comfort zone, I love facing new problems and solving them. I consider myself a Team Player, CODING EVERYDAY!

  • Fullname: Wassim Chaguetmi
  • Birth Date: June 30, 1995
  • Email: wassim.chaguetmi@gmail.com


Coding turned from an intriguing subject to an undevided aspect of my life since I first tried my hand at it back in 2014, started with C++, Java, Different Web Languages, Python, Dart... But after all, my Eternal love is JAVA! In the other hand, Databases modeling and information systems conception is my passion.


PYTHON , ANDROID , SQL , DJANGO , Dart , Flutter.


Work Experience

Django Backend Developer

December 2020-present


I work as a remote backend developer, with a team of 4 talented developers. My job is to prepare the backend for the Frontend developers, Modelize the clients' needs and monitor the final product.

Flutter Developer

October 2020-present


Lakkini is a young startup, which provides an IT solution for private schools. I started with them as a part time Flutter developer, but after a while, I became in charge of their mobile application which used by thousands of parents (students' parents). In this application, the parents can track different informations about their children (grades, presence...). it also has a messaging feature to let parents and teachers get in touch more easily.

Web/Mobile Developer

August 2020-February 2021

Safe Soft

I was in charge of the mobile and web development. The company already had its mobile applications, so I was in charge of recompiling, repairing and updating them to the latest android features.

Dev Team Lead

August 2019-September 2019


I lead the junior dev team, modelised and concepted the database, of an application for freelancer touristic guides in Algeria, we had the 3rd place.

Backend Engineer

August 2019-July 2020


I manage information systems and project's backends, both web (django) and mobile (android), as I model the database, make backend functionalities, improve performance, build REST Apis to be consumed by the mobile apps.

Software Developer

July 2018-October 2018

Inova DHC

Designed and realised a management software (with JAVA FX) for the small industry company, it manages the whole information system (employees, production, products, clients, deliveries...). This was my first experience with a real project.

Application Developement

February 2018-May 2018

My University

In a team of four, we developed a food delivery platform for the university, it had a restaurant side, client side and admin side, we did a web and mobile interface for each side, and i was in change of the database modeling and conception.

Software Devempement

December 2017-January 2018

My University

Developed a decisional matrix as an academic project.


Professional Master Degree in Natural Language Processing

Sept. 9, 2018 - Oct. 24, 2020

Saad Dahleb University -BLIDA 1-

Since most of the leading topics nowadays, are all about AI, i chose to take the Natural Language Processing path, preparing my master degree, and working on some academic projects.

Licence in Information Systems and Software Enginering

Sept. 9, 2014 - June 5, 2018

Saad Dahleb University -BLIDA 1-

Got my licence degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering, from Saad Dahleb's University at BLIDA. I learned and practiced on how to concept and make ERPs and Softwares, models and solutions, and since i'm in love with coding, i added my touch in realising what i concept.


Sept. 10, 2013 - June 5, 2014


Had my Baccalaureate


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